Super 16 Film Workshops


I ran my very first film workshops at the Midlands Arts Centre [MAC] in 1996, these workshops were about Super 8 cameras, film stocks. All the paticipants made a short films which they edited [cut and spliced using analogue film editing equipment] and then projected at the MAC cinema. The workshops were a huge success and since then I have regularly ran workshops on Super 8 and 16mm film making, I've held workshops at various venues in Birmingham, throughout the West Midlands region and across the country.

I have been providing a unique opportunity to learn about equipment [camera], film techniques, editing and processing through very bespoke programs. The workshops run as day courses [sometimes weekends] or evening courses, evening courses usually last between 3-4 hours while day courses start at 10am and finish around 6pm. The workshops are varied, some covering basic camera and simple narratives, to more complex and involved programs that include processing and scanning with small groups usually between 5 - 8 participants.

A truely unique experience, filming, processing and digitally transferring the film in our lab!

A distinctive curriculum with a series of comprehensive workshops where participants will learn about personal 16mm filmmaking. The participants will learn modern Super 16mm filmmaking practices and techniques gaining an elementary knowledge of 16mm cameras, lenses, light metering and visual storytelling. Each participant will create their own 2-minute personal film exploring an idea, feeling, notion or thought. All materials will be provided for and we will be using the new a-cam Super 16 cameras.

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